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All scholarship applications must be submitted within PlayMetrics.  You can register with our club and then submit an application using the following link:  CLUB REGISTRATION


To qualify for an Indy Eleven Academy Travel Scholarship you must first meet the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch income requirements or have other extenuating circumstances that make it impossible to pay the full travel registration fees. 

All scholarship applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee, which determines eligibility and the scholarship amount. Remaining club registration fees can be applied over several months. Scholarships do not cover uniforms, travel or individual team fees.

All scholarship families must pay the registration deposit, regardless of the scholarship amount. If you have already registered and paid, you do not need to do anything more until we review your scholarship application. If you have not yet registered and prefer to pay a reduced fee, please send an email to for special instructions. If your child is not awarded a scholarship and you feel your family cannot afford the fees, we will release your child from the club obligation. We also encourage all families to take advantage of the club fundraising program, which allows parents to earn soccer fees by working concessions at local concert and sporting event venues. For more information on this program, contact

There is no way we can predict if your child will receive a scholarship. We do have scholarship money budgeted, and we anticipate that we will be able to fulfill a majority of the requests that fall within the income limits for the free and reduced lunch program.

All players must reside in the same household to be included on one form. All applicants must provide proof of income as directed on this form. 
If you have questions regarding this form please contact Mark Webber at

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