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Indy Eleven Academy

Summer Update from
Phil Presser, Technical Director



A Complete Soccer Experience


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Indy Eleven Academy is one of the largest, most comprehensive soccer clubs in Indiana. Whether you're a 4-year-old who's learning to kick, a 12-year-old who wants to master his skills, a high school junior who wants to play in college or an adult who still loves to play the game, the Indy Eleven Academy has a place for you.​


The Indy Eleven Academy seeks to create a positive culture for players, staff, and families to come together and formulate common goals through the world’s most popular game. Our club believes in core values that encourage growth in areas of leadership, emotional control, social skills, and overall professional character.

Indy Eleven Academy offers a variety of programming from entry level learning experiences, to competitive travel, to the highest youth platforms in the country.  Individuals are awarded the opportunity to play for passion, physical fitness, social engagement, team camaraderie, competition, desire to make youth national teams, and compete for college and professional contracts.


Indy Eleven Academy is working to develop a player that is…

  • Respectful to themself, teammates, coaches and the game,

  • A leader by example on and off the field,

  • Responsible for his actions,

  • An autonomous decision maker,

  • Internally motivated,

  • Technically and physically in optimal condition,

  • Intelligent.

Indy Eleven Academy is working to develop a player that has…

  • Emotional control,

  • Contagious training habits,

  • Creative personality,

  • A blue-collar work ethic,

  • Competitive mentality.


Our cultural values are derived from an ambition to overachieve. Our cultural values were identified as common characteristics of overachievers. We demand these values of our staff and seek these values in players.

  1. Winning Mentality: Prepare to win. Train to win. Expect to win.

  2. Pursue a Higher Standard: Demand & expect more out of yourself, your teammates, and your team.

  3. Contagious Positive Influence: Positively affect and impact teammates and our culture.

  4. Integrity: Character founded on ethical convictions and responsibility.

We are grateful to the following organizations who generously support our club

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